The 5-Step Online Review System for Business Growth

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Mastery of the online review system for business growth gives you a unique competitive edge. Your online reviews sit next to your competitors online reviews, so the viewer knows immediately if you stand out in a positive way. Following The Online Review System you’ll learn in this webinar will give you this immediate, lasting competitive edge.

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Debbie Kluska Debbie Kluska has helped dozens of businesses across the United States grow their online reputation. Having worked previously in industries where customer service was the only thing that separated you from your competitors, the importance of fulfilling customer expectations was always top of mind. Debbie’s passion is to combine old school experience with modern technology to help clients protect and market the reputation they have or to provide them ways to help achieve the reputation they want.

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Debbie Kluska
Reputation Management

In This Webinar You Will Learn…

  • How does your market make their buying decisions?
  • The importance of your online reputation.
  • How to monitor your online reputation for free.
  • How the way you respond to your online reviews affects your customer service reputation?
  • How to respond to both positive and negative online reviews.
  • How to ask for online reviews and increase your chance of getting a “yes”.
  • How to turn your online review into a powerful marketing piece.
  • Why “free” is not necessarily free.
  • How to automate the online review process?

Benefits of Attending This Webinar

  • Know the status of your online reputation.
  • Know how to track your online reputation.
  • Know how to improve your online reputation.

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