Imagine Creating and Publishing Valuable Content for Your Business…Continually!

You’re a business owner with a calling to accomplish something significant, and you want to get the word out…

But time and technology keep getting in the way! The set of skills you need can be daunting…

Ability to:

  • Create a compelling message.
  • Educate your clients and market audience.
  • Regularly post new valuable content on your website.
  • Regularly keep top of mind to your contacts via email.
  • Regularly post new valuable content to social media.
  • Regularly add new video content to your YouTube channel and your website
  • An accountability system to see that you follow through.
  • And, by the way, create productive business Joint Venture relationships in the process.

And most of these tasks have a technology element that can randomly and unexpectedly stop you dead in your tracks.  

What if you could accomplish ALL of these tasks with ease, consistently and with a minimal investment of time and money?

The answer is a creative, new approach to thematic, unified content marketing we call…

The Content Generation Club & Mastermind

Invest a few hours each month along with a minimal participation fee, and here’s what you receive:

  • A sharpened, compelling sales message, reviewed and tested by your peers.

  • Your own client and market audience education videos, reviewed and tested by your peers.

  • New valuable content to consistently post on your website, along with a strategy and help using the technology.

  • Compelling email content to broadcast to your growing list, along with a strategy and help using the tools.

  • Valuable fresh content to post to your social media, along with a strategy and help optimizing your social media marketing.

  • New video content for your YouTube channel and your website.

  • An accountability system to see that you follow through.

  • Your own mastermind group of Joint Venture relationships to help you stay at the top of your game in terms of both strategy and action.

Essentially, this is an entire comprehensive marketing program for your business.

And it’s not cold, used template content. It’s all original, YOUR content.

What’s the value of these features?

  • Sales message, regularly updated, reviewed by your peers: $250
  • Education and sales videos for your website and YouTube Channel: $500/video
  • New blog content for your website: $250/article
  • Help using your internet technology: $150/hr
  • Email marketing set-up help: $250
  • Email marketing regular content: $50/eblast
  • Accountability system: (Coaching groups run from $100 – $500/month)
  • Joint venture business relationships: (A not-so-great networking group can run $150/month or more)

Total Monthly Value Purchasing All of This Separately: $1,700

However, you receive all of these items from The Content Generation Club at a mere fraction of this cost.

Only $100/month for the first 20 members!

For most businesses just one new client will more than pay for your membership. Expect multiple new clients from your investment.

How can we offer so much value at such a small cost?

It’s all in the unique, original design of The Content Generation Club.

Your core content will be in the form of a webinar presentation we coach you to create and deliver utilizing a PowerPoint presentation we help you assemble. We even help bring an audience to you, then turn the presentation into your own unique video. Now you have a unique and valuable PowerPoint presentation you can use in a number of settings. You also have a dynamic video featuring live audience interaction. We assemble social media posts and eblasts to announce your webinar. You now have these plus the unique content from your presentation which you can turn into 10-20 or more social media posts. In addition, we assemble this all into a blog article for your website along with referencing your video on your YouTube channel.

Since this content is all produced from one awesome webinar, it becomes available to multiple marketing and presentation venues without separately creating content for multiple media. Because it all stems naturally from your webinar, it all comes together at a fraction of the cost. The fact that you’re a part of a joint venture team of your peers creating this content also keeps the cost down while actually increasing the value!

The high value and economy are all in the design of The Content Generation Club!




Sample a Webinar Series by a Health & Wellness Content Generation Club

See the webinar replays, view the blog articles and webinar marketing materials.

This is an ongoing club actively presenting a webinar every Wednesday evening from 7-8pm, so feel free to attend one or more sessions!

Requirements to become a Content Generation Club member:

  1. You must be a business owner, sales rep or hold a key public-facing in your organization.
  2. Commit to the initial 6 months so that you’re there to support your team members as they present their webinars (they’ll be supporting you too).
  3. Announce your team member’s webinars to your contact list and social media (they’ll be announcing your webinars too).
  4. Be at all the webinars so that each team member has all the team member’s support during their webinar.
  5. Your active involvement in following through with a few key assignments, supporting other members and suggesting additional members strengthens the value of your Content Generation Club and places your unique imprint on all content and conversation. This in turn leads to dramatic growth for you personally, in terms of leadership, presentation and marketing skills and business growth.

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