Kick-Start Your Company’s Video Marketing

In the social media era, your brand needs to stick out at a visceral level, and nothing quite compares to a great video.

Many business owners and CMOs want to create more video content, but don’t know who to ask or what to ask for. It can be tough to create a successful video marketing strategy from scratch, but with our Video Marketing Kick-Start Special, you don’t need to wait to begin building brand credibility, excitement, and sales using the medium of video.

Our simple Video Marketing Kick-Start Special package opens the floodgates to amazing digital content and dynamic exposure for your business. This starter package can lead to a great and strategic partnership that will lead all of your marketing efforts, or simply provide that one piece of content that changes your business forever.

What’s Included In Your Video Marketing Kick-Start Special?

  • One promotional videos, up to 3 minutes. We will work from your concept or script, or write and conceptualize the video ourselves to best showcase your brand.
  • One educational video, up to 3 minutes, or two testimonial videos, up to 90 seconds each. If you opt for an educational video, this can be used either to outline a process for your internal team, or to create informative content for your customers and potential customers.
  • High-resolution still images from your promotional videos, which you can use as additional digital content
  • 4K video quality and high-grade audio to match
  • On-location filming
  • Intricate editing and color correction
  • Music, titles, and graphics
  • Subtitles and translation on request
  • Professional voice-over narration on request
  • Output to a variety of formats, including 16:9, 9:16 (IGTV), 1:1, and more

The Benefit You Receive with Your Video Marketing Kick-Start Special:

Our promotional videos will create a measured increase in your follower counts, “likes,” and most importantly, user engagement. This Kick-Start can be a great way to build the foundation of a future video marketing partnership that will continue to deliver immense value to your business on a daily basis.

Why use us? You’ll save yourself the time of writing and outlining your own videos, trying to find an affordable videographer, and stressing out over the outrageous time commitment and expense to this endeavor. We will take care of the hard work and deliver an incredible product at an affordable price, while you can spend your time doing what you do best.

Video Marketing Kick-Start Special Price: $600 (normal price: $1,200)

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