Not ready to jump into a full-blown CRM System?

Test the waters with our CRM Kick Start Special!

Identify a few CRM tools that may be appropriate for your business guided by our knowledgeable 3rd party CRM professional who is not committed to just one CRM tool, but can help you look at the larger landscape of CRM tools and select the best fit.

What’s included?

  • 2 hour discovery session with our CRM expert and your business growth director and/or customer acquisition & engagement specialist. Be prepared to describe the nature of your business, your growth goals, your current CRM system and how you’re growing and tracking new, repeat and referral business opportunity.
  • CRM budget and requirements: We’ll identify the best CRM tools that fit your budget.
  • System roll-out: We’ll draft out a basic CRM implementation schedule that includes installment, training, team engagement, support and system roll-out elements.

CRM Kick-Start Special Price: $497 (Valued at $800)

Kick-Start Our CRM System Planning!

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