Do you have a great professional headshot on your website and social media?

5 reasons a great professional headshot is a business owner’s best investment:

  1. More Engagement: Images on a page of text have been found to increase viewer engagement and the time viewers remain on your website…which also translates into better SEO.
  2. Rapid Understanding: Images on a page of text whether about your services or products have been found to help viewers understand your message more rapidly.
  3. Longer Retention: Images on a page of text tend to cause viewers to remember your message longer, which can translate into more sales.
  4. 6 Times the Response Rate: The presence of great professional images has been shown to increase viewer response by as much as a factor of 6 over pages that have text only.
  5. Your First Impression: You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, and for many professionals our first impression is the headshot viewers see on our website or social media. An unprofessional selfie can subtly communicate the impression that this is the quality of your company, your customer relations, your services and your products.

Professional headshots are especially important for a company that wants to communicate unified, integrated, coordinated service to its clients. When team headshots look as if they were taken in multiple locations, styles and having diverse backgrounds behind the headshot, your company may be subtly communicating that it’s services have a similar lack of coordination.

For these and other reasons, a great headshot is one of the smartest investments that will pay for itself over and over.

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We use our custom mobile photo studio to produce professional photos that can be used for either classic business or digital settings. Here’s how it works: We come to your office, special event or home, take the professional photos inside our mobile photo studio, and provide you with images in 3 business days or less! The best part is there is no set-up, no long turnaround times, and no overpaying. By always following our values of Focus, Passion and Service, we know we can change the world of photography one headshot at a time.

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