What is Business Brand Identity Development for Las Vegas Businesses?

It is widely recognized that business brand identity includes having a consistently recognized logo and look that does not fluctuate from your company business cards to your website to your social media accounts to your stationary and signage. The look everywhere is fully in sync. However this is only one basic element of a strong business brand. Your brand involves the emotional and psychological associations people make when they think about your business. While a consistent logo and look are an important starting point, consistency in your marketing message along with reliability, quality and customer service excellence are also important parts of your business brand identity.

A strong business brand identity gives your company these benefits:

  • Market Recognition and Competitive Edge. When your market audience is shopping and considering multiple options, if they immediately recognize your brand identity, this sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Trust: A strong consistent business brand identity evokes feelings of trust, integrity and reliability.
  • Loyalty: A strong consistent business brand identity helps people believe your company will be there for the long run, which grows client loyalty.
  • Quality: A strong  consistent business brand identity evokes feelings and expectations that your company delivers quality produces and services.
Strong Business Brand Identity Evokes Feelings of Trust
Strong business brand identity increases clarity, focus and goal achievement

Business Brand Identity Development Service


  1. Review of all company marketing collateral on and off the internet.
  2. Focus group SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) with company leadership.
  3. Focus group SWOT analysis interview with company employees.
  4. 1-2 focus group SWOT analysis interviews with key clients.
  5. SWOT analysis report including brand identity recommendations and projected action items.
  6. Detailed plan to strengthen brand identity.

Result: The Clarity and Focus That Lead to Business Growth

At this point your company is ready to revisit its logo, colors, fonts, stationary, marketing collateral and signage, equipped to make wise decisions regarding important changes.

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