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What you don’t know can be dangerous to your online business reputation!

Do you know what your business’s online reputation is? Do you know what your customers/clients are saying about your business online? If you do, you know how important this is and if you don’t, we hope you are wondering about it now…

What is a reputation assessment?

Simply put, a reputation assessment is a review of your company’s online reputation ranking and visibility across the Internet. For example, Google and other sites that collect reviews average the reviews and award an overall reputation ranking from one to five stars. Online visibility refers to how many directories, blogs and websites across the internet point viewers to your company website by providing a link that goes to your website.

Why is a reputation assessment important?

A reputation assessment is important to find out exactly what the perception of your business is online. 86% of consumers looking to engage with a new business will do their due diligence by looking online to see what others who have done business with you have said. It is extremely important for your business to know where you stand.

What’s Included in Your Reputation Management Kick-Start Special?

1) Your Online Reputation Assessment:

  • Where your business currently ranks with Google. We will provide you with the first and second business that come up when searching for your company’s keyword online. Will this be your business?
  • A list of online business directories that contain your business listing: (Yelp, Facebook, Bing, etc.). We will provide you with a concise list for you to review. It is vital that all your business information is accurate and consistent across all platforms. We will also advise how many reviews you have per site.
  • Negative Review Scan: We will conduct a negative review scan for the past six months to make sure there are no unaddressed negative reviews online that you are not aware of. We will also report some of the positive reviews captured.
  • Sentiment Analysis: We will provide you with a sentiment analysis so you can see at a glance some of the most common words your customers/clients are saying about you.
  • Video Visibility Scan: Having video online helps influence a consumer on making a purchase or to feel comfortable engaging with your business. We will do a scan to advise what your video visibility is.

All the above components will give you an overall assessment as to where you stand online and will give you the insight to know where you need to improve if necessary.

2) Custom Reputation Boosting Video

Imagine taking one of your best reviews your company has and turning it into a video you could post to any of your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. A spokesmodel will introduce your company and the glowing review you received. Your review will be read out loud before the spokesmodel comes back to encourage people to contact your business.

These videos are eye-catching and it gives new purpose to one of your existing reviews.

Total Value: $275

Kick-Start Special Pricing: $75

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