Event Videos

Events give customers an opportunity to interact with you and your business in a fun and engaging environment, and there is no reason why these moments shouldn’t be captured on video.

You spend a great deal of time planning, organizing, and conceptualizing an engaging event experience for your clients and potential customers. You should have an on-site team that can capture your hard work and the amazing results that come from it.

What types of events merit an event video?

  • Company social events: Holiday parties and picnics
  • Employee recognition events
  • Client appreciation events
  • Annual meetings
  • Product roll-outs
  • Big change announcements
  • And…much more!

Once the event is over, if it’s not documented in an event video it’s only a fading memory. Capture that memory with an engaging event video!

How are your event videos created?

We send up to two professional videographers to film and capture your event in 4K video quality, with top-grade audio to match. Our videographers not only record your event, but also showcase your event in the form of an engaging visual story that captures its greatest moments.

What’s included in your event video package?

  • Filming by up to three videographers
  • 4K video quality
  • Professional editing and color correction
  • Music, titles, and graphics
  • Multiple edits of your event for both long-form and short-form versions
  • Output to a variety of formats, including 16:9, 9:16 (IGTV), 1:1, and more
  • Posting to your website and YouTube channel

Let your next event generate valuable, dynamic entertaining video content you will use in your marketing and retain as important historic documentation in your company archives!

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