Do you know the status of your online business reputation?

Smart buyers increasingly look at product and service reviews on sites like Google, Yelp and Amazon before making their buying decision. They’re most likely to purchase from the business with the highest ratings and best overall online reputation.

If your business reputation on the internet is lacking reviews or has less than a five-star rating you’re losing clients to your competitor who has high ranking reviews. You need improved reputation management services!

Positive online reviews can generate significant new business.
Negative online reviews can kill a business.

The reputation management problem is that your business is not in control of its reviews on the internet. Your reviews and reputation are dependent on your customers and their ability and willingness to speak positively about your business.

The reputation management problem – how can you:

  • Receive more legitimate client reviews?
  • See your average online review rating increase closer to 5 stars?
  • Quickly deal with negative reviews, effectively neutralizing them?
  • Discover and quickly respond to new online reviews?
  • Routinely and consistently stream positive reviews onto your website and through social media?
  • Get a second chance with customers who are unhappy?
  • Make it easy for customers to give reviews when they are most willing to do so?

Benefits of our reputation management service:

  • You always know the status of your online reputation
  • Prompt response is made to both positive and negative reviews, increasing the value of every review to grow your business
  • You have the information you need to make consistent and steady business and customer service improvement
  • Your customers are consistently and effectively invited to submit reviews
  • You receive more online reviews and the power of those reviews to generate new business will be maximized

What’s included with our online reputation management service?

  • Monthly reporting on the status of your online reviews across the internet.
  • Written response to both negative and positive reviews submitted to client for approval no later than two business days from the day the reviews appear on the internet; then posted within one business day of client approval.
  • Automated invitation system via email and text message inviting and making it easy for your customers to submit an online review of your business, services and products.
  • Streaming reviews onto your business website and social media optimized for SEO.
  • Product and customer service insight for continual business improvement, delivered with every monthly report to client.

Isn’t it time to harness the power of internet reviews to grow your business through top quality reputation management?

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