Content marketing services with the Marketing Department LV include website content creation, content management, blogging, and email marketing. From creating a one-time press release to ongoing monthly blogs, the content we create for your business is unique, timely, and SEO friendly.

Content Creation

Content creation is where it all begins. You cannot spread a message if that message hasn’t been thought out and written down. Content creation is not just about putting words to paper, however. Quality content is written well, researched effectively and written for search engine optimization. Common content creation requests include press releases, news article, updated/new website page, one-sheets, infographics, and more.

Monthly Blogging

Monthly blogging services include weekly blogs, each at least 300 words long and with a minimum of one royalty-free (stock) or personal image. All blogs are created weekly with relevant and engaging content for your audience. Blogs are written with appropriate keywords and search engine optimized.

Website Content Creation Package

The website content creation package is perfect when your business is ready for a new website but does not have the time to write all new content. Website development does not just include aesthetics – quality content is needed. This content creation package will provide you with the 4 to 8 of the most important pages that represent your business online.

Email Marketing

When it’s time to take advantage of the large email database your business has been collecting over time, your next move is an email marketing campaign. The Marketing Department LV is prepared to take over your email marketing campaign and write all the content needed to ensure a quality email goes out at your desired time interval.

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