How Much Are You Spending On Your Managed IT Service?

The true cost of a poorly Managed IT Service includes much more than the cost of your IT expert. Factor in every hour of downtime and lost employee productivity when your system goes down or routinely responds slowly. If employees need to wait 2 minutes or more for a computer operation that should happen almost instantaneously, it can take 8-20 minutes to recover train of thought and get back on track. And we’ve all experienced spending a day documenting a project only to have all that work lost if the system suddenly goes down.

But the greatest, most costly nightmare is a security breach or complete data loss (computer virus, fire, water damage…etc.) that can destroy years of work or land your company in a lawsuit when sensitive client information is compromised. Such an event puts good companies like yours out of business each year. Now we’re looking at the true expense of a poorly Managed IT Service.

Is your current Managed IT Service proactive, rapid, responsive, friendly…and can they actually communicate with real people?

If any of the above issues have raised concerned, please give us a call to schedule a free 1-hour systems overview. Discover how wonderful it is when your IT system is dependable, secure and you have a Managed IT Service you love.

Our Managed IT Services are fully customized to the needs of your company and can include any or all of the following:

  • Networking and Infrastructure Security
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Secure Realtime Backup Services
  • Virus & Malware Removals
  • Telecommunications
  • Remote Support Services
  • Software Development Support
  • Technical Project Management

Find out how your company can experience the efficiency, productivity and joy of working in an environment where IT actually operates as it should!

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What Is Included?