We move forward more rapidly to step into our vision of success when we stop focusing on eliminating our weaknesses and instead focus on growing our strengths.


  • Accelerate your goal achievement
  • Bypass barriers that have been sabotaging your success
  • Experience greater success in business and in life

What’s Included?

  • 45 minute strengths activation session with Dr. Richard Nongard either online via Zoom, Skype or similar service or in his Las Vegas office (Tropicana and Rainbow).
  • Create a vivid image of the success you would like to achieve
  • Clarify specifically and list what you need in order  to step into your success vision
  • Identify the key strengths you already possess that will enable you to activate your success vision.

This is more than a simple get-to-know each other. You will be provided with actionable strategies based on your strengths and giftedness and you will be provided with a follow-up video or MP3 with specific strategies that you can implement to create success.

Strengths Activation Kick-Start Session Price: $100

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It’s one thing to lead, it’s another thing for your leadership go viral!

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