Expertise in Customer Service Excellence Translates to Reputation Management

Debbie Kluska has helped dozens of businesses across the United States grow their online reputation. Having worked previously in industries where customer service was the only thing that separated you from your competitors, the importance of fulfilling customer expectations was always top of mind.

Buyers Look at Online Reviews When Making a Buying Decision

In today’s environment, online reviews have really changed the game. 90% of consumers say that positive online reviews influence their buying decision. Her company helps its clients gain more online reviews with email/text message marketing campaigns. Her clients know that committing to a program where you ask all your clients about their experience and valuing the feedback received is one of the most valuable things you could do for your business. They like to celebrate new positive reviews by sharing them online in creative ways such as with review images and review videos.

Debbie Kluska Has a Life-time of Customer Service Experience

She grew up in New York where her father owned a service business. Her mother, acting as the receptionist, would answer the phones from the house. From as early as she could remember when a customer called, everything stopped so the customer could receive your full attention and have the best experience possible. Debbie has carried that desire to make her clients feel special all throughout her working experience.

Debbie’s passion is to combine old school experience with modern technology to help clients protect and market the reputation they have or to provide them ways to help achieve the reputation they want.

She enjoys talking to clients to learn about their business. Debbie understands not all companies operate the same; so coming up with a strategy that will work for the client is vital to their success.

Debbie’s Personal Interests

Outside of work Debbie loves to spend time with her family, friends and as many dogs as possible!