Free 1 hour IT Systems Overview

Normal Price = $150

What you don’t know can get you into a lot of trouble! Are you needlessly spending substantial funds replacing computers, phones and other IT equipment that could be optimized for a fraction of the cost? Is your IT system secure from a cyber attack, or from system failure and the resulting loss of precious data? What about internal security measures? Can a disgruntled or dishonest employee wreck havoc on your information system? Is your sensitive client information properly protected? Is your network fast and reliable, saving in lost productivity? Are your information processes easy and effective? Can information be stored and accessed by the people who need access, and not by those who do not need access?

When you call your Managed IT Service, how long does it take for a reply? Is the problem fixed the first time? Are additional issues discovered and preventative measures taken? Is your Managed IT Service friendly, helpful and can they communicate with real people?

Is it time for an IT Systems Overview?

If any of these questions raised concern, it’s time for an IT Systems Overview. You read it right, normally $150, for now it’s free because we want you to be aware of the hidden issues that can cause major problems for your business and to know how you can enjoy the ease and productivity of a well managed IT system.

Our Free Assessment Includes:

  • In-depth review with principals on technical business processes, with an emphasis on any historical issues or problems within the business environment.
  • A telecommunications review of phone & Internet system expenses.
  • We’ll review multiple resources and share from our wide range of experience for implementing cost savings and improving system performance.
  • Basic networking and Security review of communications infrastructure.
  • Basic review of back-up and recovery systems on critical systems.
  • Results will be documented and provided to client for reference.

Stop dealing with poor managed IT service issues that cause low productivity in your workplace. Stop worrying about hidden dangers that can bring your IT system down and potentially your entire business.

Know what you’re dealing with, and how good it can feel to know that your entire IT system is optimized and at peak efficiency…and potentially for much less than you’re currently spending!

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