Imagine activating the sales potential of your entire business team!

In this 25 minute sales team training session Dr. Nongard will speak to your core team or small group (under 20 people) and share actionable strategies for sales leadership, personal development and motivation, or solution finding.

This Team Sales Training Kick-Start special is available exclusively to Las Vegas-based businesses.

Team Sales Training Kick-Start Session Price: $500

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Master the actionable strategies in the Four Quadrants of Viral Leadership and harness the power of now to create lasting change.

Viral Leadership ignites others, it creates innovation, and it continues to build upon itself.

It’s one thing to lead, it’s another thing for your leadership go viral!

Are you a Transformational Leader?

Do you have a desire to use your strengths to transform others in your workplace, family, and community? Or perhaps even globally?

Explore core competencies of Transformational Leadership with many practical applications you can use to define your strengths, develop both social and emotional intelligence, and fulfill your calling as a leader.