David Smith, president and founder has over 20 years experience in non-profit, government and corporate settings both as a digital marketing contractor and an inside marketing project lead. He works with clients to create a brand, marketing strategy and goals, then brings in and manages the talent and resources towards goal achievement.

For many years David was a freelancer. Review his skills and work at https://1stInsightCommunications.com His background equips him to guide team projects with excellence.

As project lead for the Oregon Department of Transportation he created Oregon’s first on-line employment website, managing vendors, the work of a 20-member State IT department, 12 recruiters and 300 hiring managers. Following this, he created his own digital marketing business, https://1stInsightCommunications.com operating out of Oregon, Connecticut and most recently Nevada, then he took on a large 12-month project as marketing director for a Las Vegas law firm.

David formed the MarketingDepartmentLV after watching businesses struggle to select and manage quality marketing vendors integrating their work toward the fulfillment of the organization’s marketing goals.

To this purpose, David has vetted and assembled a high quality team capable of helping businesses identify their marketing goals, creating a strategy, pulling together and managing key resources and tracking results. David has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Evansville in Evansville Indiana and a Master’s Degree (MDiv) from Fuller Theological Seminary.

An additional focused specialty of David’s is list growth and engagement through email marketing.

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