Why Outsource Your Marketing Department?

Unified marketing program with outsourced marketing departmentYou get the talent and experience of a seasoned marketing professional who knows what it’s like to run a business. And, because you are not outsourcing your marketing to multiple providers, you get integrated strategy, design and production. Imagine, meeting, planning and executing with just one talented professional! Feel the excitement and the power completely focused on the growth of your business! My model is so flexible and I am are so well networked in this town that if you need an additional specialist I can easily locate that professional and quickly onboard and manage them to help execute your winning marketing strategy. This is light years beyond outsourcing to a marketing agency, unless, of course, you enjoy paying an agency’s overhead and being their captive.

Managing an assortment of marketing vendorsFinding the right marketing vendors (web designer, graphic artist, SEO or social media specialist…etc.) is a challenging enough task. But that’s just the beginning. Creating a contract, onboarding and managing the vendors, integrating their activities so all actions are focused toward your organization’s growth goals and objectives and then tracking results for a marketing ROI can make this task needlessly expensive and time consuming, with questionable results.

Cost of bringing your marketing in-houseEven an inexperienced $40k/year in-house marketing manager fresh out of college ends up costing over $60k when benefits are added in. Then, unless your marketing manager is a talented web designer, graphic artist, social media marketer and experienced market strategist, you’ll still need to locate and manage outside professionals. You’re almost right back where you began, but with a $60k initial overhead!

MarketingDepartmentLV brings unmatched skill and experience to:

  • Create your unified marketing brand, goal and strategy.
  • Command the resources, talent and skill necessary to activate the strategy.
  • Manage the resources taking that big headache away from you.
  • Track and report on progress.
  • Make necessary adjustments along the way.
  • And achieve your marketing goal in the most direct, cost-effective way!

Theme Mapping – Never Be Without Something Valuable to Say!

Have you ever had grand plans to start regular blogging, social media posting, video posting or email marketing?

You did well for a few weeks, then stopped? Took too much time and energy trying to think of the next thing to say?

It’s difficult to reach your goal without a map!

Let’s create a 6-month map of valuable content themes for your business.

You will use these content themes for the next 6 months to create valuable:

  • Blog Articles
  • Videos
  • Social Media Posts
  • Eblasts
  • Live Presentations



And…because these coordinated themes work together to develop the big picture of your value you will have content for:

  • A powerful website information directory speaking to your market’s most important questions.
  • An unbeatable information-packed YouTube channel.
  • An online course you can sell, turning your knowledge into information product.
  • A Kindle or printed book.

More valuable content = higher rankings in search engines like Google.

All this will work together to position you as the “go to” expert in your profession field!

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Your marketing department offers the full range of marketing services including brand strategy creation, marketing plan development, digital, print, sales pipeline management, contact and client engagement, customer loyalty enhancement, reputation management and more. Our unique flexible business design brings to the table any talented marketing professional you require.

Marketing Services Presented in Suggested Sequential Order


A good business marketing plan is the foundation of your success. Before conducting any marketing activity, we’ll create or review and update your current marketing plan. We’ll update your brand image and strategy, your target market persona and keyword list, create a compelling description of the value you provide, set marketing goals and outline a basic marketing plan and strategy to coordinate all activity.


Does it ever seem as if your goals to create more sales, greater user experience, and massive engagement remain stalled and you can’t seem to move forward as rapidly as you’d like? Often it’s not a question of working harder or finding the right resource, but rather a matter of making a shift in perspective. Learn more…


Build your business to the next level starting from a profitable business model to plug in your marketing at the right speed for you and your business. Activate 360-degree business Ninja strategies and tactics that improve efficiency in operations, financial and marketing processes to increase leads, conversions and sales, grow revenue, drive scalable business growth and manage expansion while reducing costs. Learn more…


To powerfully visualize your brand we’ll draw up a Creative Guide which includes your official colors, logo and fonts. Visual consistency across all media creates trust. We’ll review and update your marketing collateral (business card, stationary…etc.) and your copyright authorized image library. Well designed visuals have been known to increase conversion rate by as much as a factor of six times. Learn more...


Now we’re ready to create and register your keyword optimized domain name, obtain fast, reliable web hosting with security and marketing add-ons and create and manage email addresses and marketing optimized email signature lines. You always own all your assets in your own password protected account. Learn more…


Now we’re ready to update your business website with a design that engages visitors, attracts new clients and serves customers. Functionality is unlimited. From lead pages to powerful sales funnels to elaborate enterprise websites, no site is too large or too small for our talented team. WordPress, with its worldwide support community is our preferred content management system, however we update and manage many web platforms. Every website we create is mobile-friendly. Learn more…


Without excellent search engine visibility even the most beautiful and functional website is “all dressed up with no place to go”. We fine tune the three primary elements of high visibility: On-site optimization, link popularity and traffic generation. Search marketing should be implemented as your website is being designed and developed since the structure, message and code being created at that stage will affect search visibility. Your website will be “designed to be found”. Learn more…


Until your website is written to convert viewers to buyers, even the highest search engine visibility will do you no good. Our talented writers communicate on every page of your website to engage and call your audience to action, which may include immediately purchasing products or services, contacting you with questions or, at the very least, placing themselves on your contact list for ongoing communication and conversion. Copywriting occurs during the web design & development phase. Learn more…


With a strong eMail marketing program you engage and grow your own community, positioning your business as the “go-to” credible source in your profession. eMail marketing is your online sales force creating its own powerful stream of new and repeat business. Unifying your content creation by theme across all media from article > video > eblast > social media blast > offline communications creates amazing focus, visibility, credibility and conversion. Learn more…


A good social media strategy strengthens your brand, extends your reach and engages your audience. We’ll design and execute a tailored action-plan that will help you to use your social media accounts to generate new streams of contacts and clients for your company. This includes selecting the key social media platforms that will best grow your business, designing and optimizing each profile page, creating a content posting schedule and audience direct engagement strategy, then moving forward to activate the plan. Learn more…


Video is currently one of the most powerful online business growth tools. Videos are highly visible on the internet and attract and convert viewers with a success rate up to 16 times that of a message containing only printed words. Viewers grasp your value more quickly, remember you longer and take action more often upon seeing your video. Combined with email, content and social media marketing, video creates an irresistible marketing force. We produce and market powerful business videos. Learn more…


Custom photography immediately and vividly showcases what you’ve achieved and what you have to offer the world. Photo images create the first and lasting impression your market audience receives of your team, your products and services. In an instant, they powerfully tell your story. It’s shown that people will more likely stop and read your message if 66% of the space on which your text appears contains an impactful image, and they’ll spend nearly twice as long focusing on what you have to say. Learn more…


Before making a buying decision shoppers look at customer reviews and testimonials. They can instantly call up every mention of you across the entire internet. We’ll strengthen your online reputation by regularly monitoring what’s out there, alerting you, responding to reviews and acquiring more authentic customer reviews. This will quickly become one of your most effective marketing activities. Learn more…


Is there a simple formula to accelerate the growth of your business and outpace your competition? Yes! Consistently reach a wider audience and build a stellar reputation as the credible “go-to” source for information and help in your profession. We create and execute a public relations strategy to strengthen your message, grow your brand and extend exposure through multiple media outlets. Your message will break through marketplace noise, get attention and attract new business. Learn more…


Business growth is driven by sales and sales is driven by systematic sales pipeline development and growth. Our expert sales pipeline developer and seasoned business growth expert coaches clients in the strategy of attracting more contacts and guiding them to the point of becoming loyal clients, organizing contacts and prospects into a well-oiled pipeline management and tracking system. Learn more…


When technology is working for your business, your team operates with greater efficiency, less downtime and your system is secure. Configure and maintain your business technology at peak performance with our expert Managed IT Services including systems integrations and project management, data storage controls, networking design and optimization and communication systems. Service is fast, dependable, reliable and friendly. Learn more…


The value of a business can be measured by the quality of its human resources. Recruiting and engaging a top quality team enables a business to deliver stellar customer service, leading to long-term employee and customer loyalty and business growth and sustainability. We help businesses develop and maintain a solid HR infrastructure with services including recruiting, onboarding, benefits, payroll, compliance, training and development and employee engagement.  Learn more…

Most businesses immediately benefit from the above core marketing services.

Below are a few additional marketing services provided by our team.


Pay per click ads (such as Google Adwords and banner ads) create an immediate presence on page one of the search engines, bypassing the longer waiting period for organic search results to “season”. However, it’s important to have an experienced marketer run your PPC campaign in order to create an ROI.


Smart websites, created with more sophisticated database engineering, engage viewers and clients by creating a two-way conversation. Membership areas enable clients to receive automated information, services and help on their schedule, creating recurring income and long-term customer loyalty for your company.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are a must for business that market products and services customers need regularly “on the go” such as restaurants. Customer membership and loyalty programs and instant information increase the value of your mobile app expanding your reach.


SMS marketing, marketing to mobile devices via text messaging, is a highly effective strategy for targeting a specific niche market. Your message is delivered directly to your audience and receives a much higher open rate than other forms of digital marketing.


E-commerce stores enable customers to make instant purchases from your site, increasing sales and client engagement. You can also link to high traffic sites such as Amazon, further expanding sales and your client base.


Is your business website one of the few remaining that has not converted to mobile-friendly? Search engines are now downgrading such websites. With over 50% of web searches being made on mobile devices, you’re losing a lot of potential visitors and business opportunity. We’ll convert your business website to a mobile-friendly site.

Las Vegas Marketing Agency Utilizes a Team of Seasoned Professional Business Owners


Strengthen your online presence and expand your market reach by outsourcing your marketing department. In contrast to a traditional marketing company where your actual marketing is conducted by an hourly wage earner, with MarketingDepartmentLV your marketing will be conducted by a highly talented business owner at the top of their profession. In contrast to the high expense of conducting marketing “in-house” your marketing is accomplished at a lower overhead price. And in contrast to traditional and in-house approaches, with MarketingDepartmentLV your marketing activities are fully integrated into a unified strategy, managed and tracked by top experts toward the achievement of your marketing goals. And, when you need an additional professional, our flexible model includes locating, vetting and integrating the right professional into your marketing program. Chose a company you can trust with your brand, a company that is dedicated to more than conducting marketing activities, a company that is dedicated to growing your business.

Don’t outsource your marketing activities, outsource your marketing department! Select MarketingDepartmentLV.

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