View a Demonstration of a Recent Website David Created

David walks a group of advanced Las Vegas health professionals through the features of a website he created for Dr. Angela Carlson, ND. Website features are explained along with David’s philosophy on developing a business identity and message.

Additional Samples

Note: As this work was created over time and may have been changed by the client, some of the links to view this work in their location on the internet may have been changed and therefore will not be active. My most current work, and links I control can be found in the Webinar Teams tab. Here you can view my own individual websites which I control:;; and

Please note that the web design template I use and for which I have developer’s rights is capable of creating a website in any design, any format and with any features imaginable. I use the world wide supported content generations tool WordPress which is here to stay, continually updated and will not become outdated. My clients are in growing, evolving businesses and need an infrastructure that will also grow and evolve. I create this infrastructure for them on the web and elsewhere.