How to Quickly Capture and Engage Market Attention?

Every day great businesses with high demand products continue to fail due to invisibility in a saturated marketplace. Fortunately there’s a solution that is rapidly gaining attention: Drone videography. Aerial videography has been around for years, but only available to the Hollywood film industry and corporations with huge budgets. Recently for the first time drone videography has become available to mid-sized and even small businesses!

Benefits of drone videography:

  1. Immediately capture viewer attention by showing a dynamic 3-d aerial perspective that instantly sets your business apart from the competition.
  2. Call your viewer to take action: Drone video has been known to sell houses without people ever seeing the house in person. It’s that dynamic and convincing!
  3. Bring your event to life: Give everyone a birds eye view of what’s really going on!
  4. The raised perspective adds credibility, size and influence to your company.
  5. And that powerful cinematic effect: Any product would immediately appear more effective, powerful and desirable seen from the air. Can’t have a car commercial without aerial shots these days!

What’s Included:

  • Experienced, fully certified video drone pilot.
  • Staging, filming and editing.
  • Music, scripting and narration to add meaning and feeling.

Value: $2,500

Kick-Start Price: $1,000


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