Mt. Charleston Wilderness, Nevada | Part of the Las Vegas Area Trails 7-Day Guide Book Series

Mt. Charleston Wilderness, Nevada | Part of the Las Vegas Area Trails 7-Day Guide Book Series

  • Length of This Book: 133 pages
  • Format: .pdf, universally downloadable and viewable on computers, smart phones and other electronic devices.
  • Size: 8.1 megabytes
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This book in The 7-Day Guidebook Series is your guide to a 7-day immersion in one of the 15 or more incredible wilderness areas surrounding Las Vegas. During your first 7 visits, whether they are 7 consecutive days or 7 visits spread out over a longer time period, you’ll experience the wonder of each wilderness area. Where, in some cases, there are extreme adventures to be had, you will be guided to literally rise to those occasions through gradual step-by-step increments.

A Multi-Media Presentation

Each book is much more than a book. It's a multi-media presentation including links to videos, interactive maps and more in-depth descriptions and details about each adventure. The interconnected links on expand the content of this book by a factor of 3X or more. In this case, that means you are receiving around 240 pages of unique content along with hours of rare wilderness video footage!

A Virtual Wilderness Experience with Rare Images and Video Available Only Here!

Even if you are unable to adventure into some of the more remote areas due to age, health, or distance, you will receive a virtual experience through additional vivid images, interactive maps and videos as you follow links to the wilderness adventure pages on

You'll Enjoy All the Features of This Book!

  1. Take-Away Guide: Download the convenient .pdf format to your phone and take it along with you as an adventure guide.
  2. Multi-Media Experience: Every image links to the adventure’s master page on for more detail, images, and videos on the adventure.
  3. Interactive Maps: Click on any map to open that map on the world-wide Google Maps platform. Use the map as a GPS guide to get to the trailhead and a guide to navigate the adventure route.

Note: #2 & #3 above require an internet connection.

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