Chris Fleharty Monthly Web Admin and Marketing Support

$149/month includes:

  • Up to 1hr consultation and production work on website and marketing.

Click this link every month to make payment in order to continue service (due by the 10th of each month):

Once annually in February add an additional $25 for the Elementor Website Template license.

By using my license you save 50% over the cost of going to Elementor and purchasing your own license. Here is the comparison:

  • Individual Elementor License = $49/year
  • Using my license = $25/year

Additional add-on service can be requested. Examples:

  • Set-up email marketing subscription, template, import contact list, place a sign-up form on your website, coach you on success strategy.
  • Set up social media accounts, optimize profile pages, coach you on success strategy
  • Set up YouTube channel for this business, optimize page, coach you on success strategy
  • Set up Reviews
  • 2nd level SEO optimization of website
  • Blog success strategy and theme mapping
  • Writing services
  • Additional consultation on business development strategy.

Thanks for your business Chris!

So honored to be a part of creating your success story!


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Total: $161.26
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