Have you ever had grand plans to start regular blogging, social media posting, video posting or email marketing?

You did well for a few weeks, then stopped? Took too much time and energy trying to think of the next thing to say?

It’s difficult to reach your goal without a map!

Let’s create a 6-month map of valuable content themes for your business.

You will use these content themes for the next 6 months to create valuable:

  • Blog Articles
  • Videos
  • Social Media Posts
  • Eblasts
  • Live Presentations

And…because these coordinated themes work together to develop the big picture of your value, at the end of 6 months you will have content for:

  • A powerful website information directory speaking to your market’s most important questions.
  • An unbeatable information-packed YouTube channel.
  • An online course you can sell, turning your knowledge into information product.
  • A Kindle or printed book.

More valuable content = higher rankings in search engines like Google.

All this will work together to position you as the “go to” expert in your profession field!

What’s Included with Your Theme Mapping?

  1. Initial Theme Map Drafting Session: 1-2hr meeting with David Smith. Through discussion and brain storming we’ll identify your top 3 major themes. This is your problem-solving expertise. We’ll also identify up to 10 sub-themes for each major theme.
  2. Theme Refinement: David will creatively refine the themes we have identified and complete your theme map list.
  3. Agreement on Master Theme Map: We meet a second time to go over your theme map and make any further refinements necessary.
  4. Topic Template: You’ll receive a “Topic Template” which is a guide for turning a theme into a complete message (blog article, eblast, social media posts, video, live presentation). This includes a keyword optimization guide with strategy and resources.
  5. Master Content Strategy Template: This template will guide you in the production and publishing of your themes.
  6. Your First Message: David will take a theme of your choice from your theme map and craft it into a full blown blog article to be used as an example for additional themes.

How Long Does The Theme Mapping Process Take?

Within just 4 weeks you will have a complete 6-month customized theme map along with a powerful blog article and the training you need to begin consistently creating and publishing thematic content for the next 6 months!

What If You’d Rather Have Your Themes Produced for You?

You can arrange to have David and his team produce all your themes into valuable content.

Theme Mapping Benefits to You

  • Consistent Content Publishing
  • Greater Visibility and Credibility in Your Marketplace and Profession
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings (Search engine status is driven by consistent, fresh, unique, valuable, keyword optimized content.)
  • Growing Library of Valuable Content
    • Blog Articles on your website.
    • Eblasts to Engage Your Contacts and Point Them to Your Website
    • Videos on your YouTube or Vimeo Channel
    • Social Media Posts
    • Live Presentations
    • Online Self-Paced Course
    • Your First Book!

Map Me 6 Months of Valuable Themes!

Start Right Now