Shermara Walker is an HR expert who has dedicated her career to advancing the HR community. Her primary focus is helping businesses grow through recruiting, equipping, managing and inspiring their teams to adopt a high-performance culture. She provides small and newly established businesses with cost-effective, results-oriented human resource management services, ensuring & exponentially increasing the organization’s success.

Shermara acquired her initial business knowledge and experience working in her parents’ restaurant, grocery and house cleaning companies. There, she developed business management skills, a strong work ethic and appreciation for the value of customer service excellence.

Shermara continued to learn HR from the ground up, holding every HR position including recruiting and training, management and employee relations. Working alongside rapidly growing corporations, she observed companies placing their primary value on short term financial growth while failing to build a strong HR infrastructure based on investing in and growing long-term employee relationships.

Shermara is dedicated to helping start-ups and small businesses develop and maintain an HR infrastructure including the personnel, policies, practices and relationships that will support sustainable business growth.

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