The Low Hanging Fruit, Tactics to Fit your Strategy

Live Webinar Date: August 6, 2019 Register Here Why the low hanging fruit? It is the opportunity to put your business into motion and figure out short term tactics into your overall long term strategy.

David Smith, president and founder has over 20 years experience in non-profit, government and corporate settings both as a digital marketing contractor and an inside marketing project lead. He works with clients to create a brand, marketing strategy and goals, then brings in and manages the talent and resources towards goal achievement. For many years David was a freelancer. Review his skills and work:

David’s background equips him to guide team projects with excellence. More about David Smith…

David Smith
President, Marketing Strategy
and Project Leadership

Katia Di Egidio, CEO, is an accomplished business growth expert with 20 years of professional experience within diverse industries and has a proven track record leading Quality and Performance Improvement in complex organizations. She is a bilingual, multicultural, dynamic professional with high integrity and passion for results including the creation of profitable business growth through innovative sales and marketing programs, customer focus, product innovation and operational efficiencies that drive optimal business performance.
More about Katia Di Egidio…

Katia Di Egidio
CEO, Business Growth Acceleration

In This Webinar You Will Learn…

    • How to evaluate success: Know why the strategy succeeded so you can repeat that success.
      How to decide on the best low hanging fruit strategy to launch first.
      How to identify key low hanging fruit strategies for your business.
      Why are they valuable?
      What are low hanging fruit marketing strategies?

Benefits of Attending This Webinar

    • Put yourself and your business in motion. This is the most important aspect: make the decision and deal with the outcome.
      Get an opportunity to work on the six gears of your business.
      Understand how to fit tactics into your strategy.

Webinar Slides

Low Hanging Fruit Tactics to Fit Your Marketing Strategy

You Can't Steer Marketing That is Not in Motion

David Smith President of Marketing Department LV, LLC

Katia Di Egidio CEO of Marketing Department LV LLC

More About Katia Di Egidio CEO of Marketing Department LV LLC

Activating The Six Gears In Your Business

Long-Term vs. Short Term Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Tactics

Business Growth Solutions Sales and Marketing Strategy and Tactics

4 Characteristics of Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Tactics

Examples of Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Tactics

Examples of Long-Term Marketing Tactics

4 Ways to Identify Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Strategies


The Value of Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Tactics is in the Results

Get Your Marketing in Motion Webinar Presentation Team 001

Get Your Marketing in Motion Webinar Presentation Team 002

Your Toolbox for Tracking Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Strategies

How to Evaluate the Success of Your Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Strategies and TacticsWebinar Schedule for Get Your Marketing in Motion by Marketing Department LV, Las Vegas

Upcoming Webinar in Get Your Marketing in Motion Series by Marketing Department LV, Las Vegas

How to Contact David Smith and Katia Di Egidio

Webinar Notes

Low Hanging Fruit Tactics to Fit Your Strategy

David Smith & Katia Di Egidio

Get in Motion!

  • Utilize Low Hanging Fruits
  • You Can’t Steer Something That’s Not in Motion!
  • Put yourself and your business in motion. This is the most important aspect: Make the decision and deal with the outcome.
  • Low hanging fruit tactics enable you to achieve momentum.

Who is David Smith?

President and founder of, and

Over 15 years providing digital, content marketing and relationship networking services.

3 Marketing Challenges Faced by Businesses:

  1. Locate the best marketing vendors.
  2. Manage the marketing vendors.
  3. Coordinate the work of the marketing vendors.

If unsuccessful:
The result is mediocre marketing activity performance along with continually restarting marketing programs (new website, new social media approach…etc.).

MarketingDepartmentLV Mission:
To ensure that Las Vegas businesses spend less effort on their marketing while getting better results through outsourcing their marketing department.

Are you a hiking enthusiast in the Las Vegas area? View David’s website:

Who Is Katia Di Egidio?

  • CEO – AitaK Solutions & MarketingDepartmentLV
  • Author of the book
    “The Essence of Your Business is YOU”
  • Over 25 Years of experience in business consulting, coaching and mentoring
  • Motorcycle Racer
    • Expert in Speed
    • Take Control of Your Business
    • Business Growth Expert and Marketing Strategist
    • Contributor for The Six-Figure Coach Magazine

Six Gears in Your Business

  1. Strategy
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. People
  4. Operations
  5. Systems
  6. Business Financials

Long-Term vs Short-Term Business Growth Strategies

Long-Term Business Growth Strategies

  • Your objective:
    • What are you ultimately trying to achieve?
  • Your exit strategy or end game
    • Transition, valuation, structure

Short-Term Business Growth Strategies

  • Planning and execution:
    • How are you going to get there?
    • Are your tactics in line with your strategy?

Business Growth Solutions

Sales and Marketing Strategy and Tactics

  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Transactions
  • Pricing
  • Profits

What Are Low Hanging Fruit Tactics?

  • Short-to-Immediate Time Frame
  • Low Effort Compared to Higher Return
  • Little Training or Preparation
  • Simple vs. Complex

Examples of Low Hanging Fruit Tactics

  • Optimize Domain Registration
  • Refine Elevator Speech
  • Up-sell current and past clients
  • Update website content
  • Manage internet reputation
  • Optimize existing YouTube videos
  • Give employees a party.
  • Send thank you notes to clients

Longer-Term Tactics

  • Create new networking connections.
  • Create a joint venture arrangement with another business.
  • Redesign your website.
  • Launch a marketing campaign.
  • Create a new product line.

4 Criteria to Identify Key Low Hanging Fruit Strategies

1. Fit Current Skills

  • List your top skills

2. Fit Current Budget

  • What can you afford to do on this month’s budget?

3. Fit Current Inventory

  • What is market ready now?

4. Fit Ready Market

  • Who is ready to buy now?

The Value is in the NOW Results

  • You may produce greater results in the long term, but they won’t pay this month’s bills!
  • Leverage short term tactics to finance longer-term programs.

Your Toolbox

How to check that you are watering your low hanging fruits…

  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Operating Budget
  • Ratios and Trends

How to Evaluate Success

Know why your tactic succeeded and fits your strategy.

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Existing Clients
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Blogging

Webinar Schedule: 1st & 3rd Tuesday 9-10am

Next Up: 8/20/2019

The Power of an Effective Brand Image

David Smith and Ed Faruolo

  • Learn why having a clear brand image is the first step to unifying all your marketing.

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