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Webinar Theme

How to Get in Motion Growing Your Business to the Next Level: Low Hanging Fruit

Webinar Series by The Marketing Department Team of Business Growth Experts

One of the most rapid ways to create business growth is to get in motion by activating one or more low hanging fruit growth strategies. These are strategies designed to produce large results with the smallest investment of time and resources. The 16 business growth experts of The Marketing Department in Las Vegas each present their best strategy for taking a small action designed to produce big results and propel your business forward.

Webinar Presenter’s Pledge

By participating in our team webinar series I agree to the following. I will:

  1. Announce each series presentation to my contact list the week before the presentation. This will multiply our exposure by a factor of 16!
  2. Be present at every series presentation. This will support the person presenting that day and create a lively discussion.
  3. Register for every webinar one week in advance. A registration link will be provided.
  4. Sign in 10 minutes before the webinar begins.
  5. Be present for the full webinar hour.
  6. Identify a theme for my presentation day by May 15, 2019. Get help from David and team members to select a great theme that fits the overall series theme. Think of your “Kick-Start Special” as a good offer to present at the conclusion of your presentation.
  7. Keep to the interview format. David will introduce and interview each team member, asking 5 questions agreed upon before hand. Q&A will follow.
  8. Permission to use recorded webinar. Grant David Smith permission to place your edited webinar on YouTube, and distribute through podcast.

My information submitted below constitutes my agreement to the above pledge.

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David’s Post Webinar Production Promise (Product Creation, Follow-up Seminar):

  1. Episodes will be recorded, edited and placed on YouTube. This will create an information piece that can be reference via embed link on your blog, immediately creating blog articles to increase the value and exposure of each participant’s business website. Simply embed the video and add some unique summary of your own to create your own unique blog article.
  2. We will podcast the series to a wider audience. This will create international exposure for each team member, creating new business opportunity.
  3. At series conclusion we will announce a live seminar (pending team agreement). Could be as simple as a Q&A panel discussion, or some other more involved format. By this time we will have a large audience to connect with in person, and we won’t need to go searching for seminar attendees.

This entire team project is designed to create the largest result giving a minimal investment of time and effort on the part of every team member. And, will begin as soon as all the webinar session themes are submitted.