Katia Di Egidio is an accomplished business growth expert with 20 years of professional experience within diverse industries and has a proven track record leading Quality and Performance Improvement in complex organizations. She is a bilingual, multicultural, dynamic professional with high integrity and passion for results including the creation of profitable business growth through innovative sales and marketing programs, customer focus, product innovation and operational efficiencies that drive optimal business performance.

Katia is consistently recognized as a leader with strong, practical, strategic acumen and the proven ability to align core organizational competencies with market opportunities resulting in short and long-term results.

Born and raised in Italy, Katia has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 20 years during which she has developed and refined business performance skills from financials to marketing, from reporting to strategy, from operations to tactics.

Her 3 passions are:

  • Racing motorcycles, which she has done semi-professionally in Italy
  • Business, a passion she inherited from her father
  • Traveling, discovering the world and meeting amazing people


With a master’s degree in Economics and Commerce and Master’s in Project Management from the University of Verona, Italy, Katia went on to become a solution provider in the hospitality industry, creating improved efficiencies in communication across multiple departments, increased revenue and customer satisfaction.


Specializing in service-based industries including information technology, financial services, professional services, construction and automotive, Katia helps business from start-ups to publicly traded companies manage change and attain their goals through an innovative mindset, positive approach and team building strategies. Her process improvement, marketing and financial strategies help companies attain a leading edge resulting in increased efficiencies and accelerated revenue growth.


Katia is a contributor to “The Six Figure Coaching Magazine” and author of “The Essence of Your Business is YOU”, her book offering simple actionable strategies and marketing tips designed to accelerate business growth, available on Amazon.

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