Guy Dawson refers to himself as a “natural cheerleader” and loves to see people succeed. Launching his PR firm in 2008 was the culmination of everything he had done, Journalism, Networking and Public Speaking. His ideal client is passionate about their product and their message and congruent with their purpose. “I will never give up on a person’s story unless they give up.”

It was during the depression of 2008 when Guy successfully launched his PR business starting with only $75 seed money. “You can start from nothing. It’s not about the money, it’s about how badly you want it.” His ideal client is passionate about their product and message and these are aligned with their purpose. One of the common causes of business failure is lack of knowledge and experience in how to effectively market a business and spend marketing funds wisely. Guy helps businesses create a marketing blue print, a magnetic message and share that message with clients, team members and the wider marketing audience.

Guy lives in Las Vegas, and is the proud father of his 20-year-old son. He is deeply involved in his community as past director of a Toastmasters district and a board member of Spirit Therapies, a non-profit organization devoted to utilizing horses in therapeutic healing. He’s also a member of LAMBDA Business Association and TEAM Referral Network. His idea of recreation includes water sports, travel, fitness and personal development. Guy plans to write about Art in his retirement.