Eliza Budiarto’s passion is to guide businesses to success by sharing her knowledge and helping them to a strong brand and marketing strategy while creating a marketing ROI in the process. She comes from a family of successful Indonesian entrepreneurs and was especially influenced by the example set by her brother. Eliza worked in a corporate setting in Indonesia for 20 years, mostly in banking. Her most recent corporate job was as Compensation and Benefit Manager for Citibank Indonesia.

In 1998 Eliza moved to the U.S. and, in 2005, began working in the printing industry. She added promotional products services in 2012. Eliza prides herself in being a self-taught entrepreneur, speaking 2 languages–Bahasa Indonesia and English—along with a background in computer programming gained in Singapore.

“While I’m not working, I enjoy outdoors activities such as hiking, running, paddleboarding and walking with my mutt—I love dogs and have always had one.