Learn How to Lead From Your Strengths

Dr. Nongard’s expertise is in coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders in discovering how to lead from their strengths. The results? On a practical level it is more money and more business. On a sustaining level it is enthused and focused leaders, employees, and community engagement.

Evidence-Based Approach to Leadership

With his doctorate in transformational leadership from Bakke Graduate University and his master’s degree in counseling, Dr. Nongard has developed practical keys to unlocking success grounded in an evidenced-based approach to leadership. He is well versed in organizational problem solving at all levels, and has a natural propensity in solution finding at the highest levels.

Cultural Transformation and Leadership Transformation

He does not use pre-packaged seminar content based in a system. Rather, he creates transformational interventions based on your specific situation and unique business and personal goals.

Dr. Nongard is an expert in cultural transformation and leadership transformation. He is a highly successful entrepreneur, business owner, and the author of numerous books on leadership. His most recent book, Viral Leadership: Seize the Power of Now to Create Lasting Transformation in Business, has been endorsed by Chris Nasetta (the current CEO of Hilton Worldwide, Inc.) and Randy Dobbs (the former CEO of General Electric Capital, Information and Technology Systems).

Success Stories for Dr. Richard Nongard

Aside from his coaching, training and writing, Dr. Nongard has several success stories to his credit. Here are just a few:

  • Turned a well-known non-profit organization from red to black that has sustained revenue for over five years to date.
  • Developed an ongoing technology based CEU system now utilized my thousands of healthcare providers worldwide.
  • Created a professional healthcare association leading the industry and providing major benefits, including healthcare coverage to its members.

Dr. Richard Nongard as Keynote Speaker and Trainer

Coaching works one-on-one with leaders at every level. But coaching also takes the form of keynote speaking and targeted training that produces measurable outcomes. Training and coaching can be provided on-site and in person and even worldwide through online communication and professionally produced multi-media training.

Through his programs, one can expect to see immediate and lasting results at all levels of business, including:

  • Implement “Appreciative Inquiry” as a key strategy in building a new and meaningful business culture
  • Maximize growth potential with strategic development by focusing on the “Big Picture”
  • Identify and develop key employees through strength based assessment and training.
  • Create rapport and buy-in while maintaining organizational integrity
  • Assists with mergers, acquisitions and changes in leadership

Step Into Transformational Leadership

Books by Dr. Richard Nongard

Master the actionable strategies in the Four Quadrants of Viral Leadership and harness the power of now to create lasting change.

Viral Leadership ignites others, it creates innovation, and it continues to build upon itself.

It’s one thing to lead, it’s another thing for your leadership go viral!

Are you a Transformational Leader?

Do you have a desire to use your strengths to transform others in your workplace, family, and community? Or perhaps even globally?

Explore core competencies of Transformational Leadership with many practical applications you can use to define your strengths, develop both social and emotional intelligence, and fulfill your calling as a leader.