Monthly Marketing Campaign for Glen Alex

Hi Glen,

We're starting with 6 hours/month X $75/hour. My regular pricing in $125/hour but in your case based on an ongoing retainer and our working relationship I want to go with the $75 amount.

I've bulleted what's included below. The 6 hour time amount is an estimate. In the event we reach the 6 hours and there's still more remaining to do I will let you know and we can go from there. In the event that everything is accomplished in less than 6 hours I will communicate that to you also so we can adjust. Over time I believe we will have a clearer idea of what's needed and the time involved. For now, this is my best starting estimate.

  • We map out a theme for each upcoming month (3 months out).
  • You draft out a thematic blog article for the upcoming month (I suggest you get this to me 2 weeks before the 1st of the month).
  • I refine the blog article (outline, editing, headings, callouts, images, call to action...ect.)
  • You make any adjustments/edits you want in my work and get the article with your edits back to me.
  • We discuss a potential video and/or PowerPoint to compliment the blog article. You create the video, we consult, edit...etc.
  • I create social media posts to promote the blog article.
  • You broadcast the social media posts.
  • I create an eblast teaser for the article.
  • You send the eblast out on Constant Contact.
  • We consult together on strategy for:
    • Specials (Once we agree on a special I will draft it out for you)
    • Glen Alex Show themes to compliment the theme of the month.
    • What to put on the Chamber website, what goes on your website.
    • Other items that may come up.

I'll count on you to click this link monthly and make payment.

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