Mastermind Mechanical Monthly Online Marketing Retainer

Payment due date is the 11th of each month.

$500 supports 5-7 hours of marketing per month. It's estimated that #1-4 below will require about 5 hours. The intent is that there will be 2 hours/month for #5-6 below. We will track time to ensure that 5-7 hours are delivered each month. When 7 hours is reached we will notify Haik. Hours are cumulative, so if there are hours less than 7/month the additional time rolls over to the following month to be added to time that can be invested in projects.

In the event that our estimate is markedly off, we can re-negotiate. On months that there are large time-consuming projects, we could go to 1 blog/month, which could create an additional 2.5 hours of project time.

  1. 2 articles monthly – keyword optimization. Highlight keywords in Word Doc.
  2. Email marketing monthly.
  3. Social Media.
  4. Google My Business Posting.
  5. Website Admin, Updates, Special Marketing Projects.
  6. Website SEO.

Save this link, click on it the 11th of each month to make payment. Thanks!

Great working with you again Haik!!

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