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Social Media Set-up:

  • Intake Interview - 4 key questions to determine your driving and inspiring energy (what is your passion and TRUE motivations?) We want to determine, confirm, get on the same page with this.
  • Future Targeting - dialogue and diagnostic to determine your starting point then identify your goals and direction (map the gap, strategy to fill the gap)
  • Messaging: Define Core theme and sub themes
    • Your ideal message for ideal market (uncover your personal brand and make sure it hits the mark)
    • I do the heavy lifting for you at this stage.
  • Finalize your personal brand - finalize the concept and create a consistent message
  • Develop Implementation plan - social media, book, blog, video, website, you tube channel… etc

Set-up completed in first 30 days: By this time, we’re on the same page with the message you want to communicate and its purpose. We can move forward together quickly, consistently, powerfully.

Social Media Implementation - Content Creation and Platform Management - Total $800/month, 6-month contract:

1) Content creation

  • Create industry-leading brand voice and message consistency across platforms
  • Social media, 2 weekly posts per platform (FB, IG, Linked In)
  • Cover art - design and change along with theme change
  • Write 1 Blog or Article/mo
  • Bonus #1: Your Option - These become the content for 1 video/month you create with my coaching.
  • Bonus #2: Your Option - I edit, post and optimize the video on your YouTube channel.

2) Platform Management

  • Create post schedule
  • Complete posts
  • Monthly social media report (spreadsheet showing connection growth for each platform)

Note: I will guide you to subscribe to Hootsuite, and then manage your account for consistently scheduled posting along with how to monitor and respond to people who comment or message you. Goal, convert conversations into clients.

Content Creation Add-ons Available:

  • Branded logo sting for videos
  • SEO optimize website
  • Additional 1 or more blog articles/month
  • Edit and optimize additional 1 or more videos/month
  • Twitter (36 Tweets)
  • Pinterest (20 Pins)
  • Google My Business (8 posts)
  • Additional projects (your choice)
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