Internet Marketing for Cheri Hickman - Monthly Retainer with Marketing Department LV

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David Smith of will provide 7 hours/month marketing support for Cheri Hickman

Support includes any of the following and additional projects based on the needs Cheri identifies:

  • Marketing Strategy Development (How to position branding, messaging, products and services on website for maximum results. Meetings, checking in, planning...etc.).
  • Website Development (Create pages, edit pages, fix broken links and processes...etc.)
  • Writing, Editing (Cheri presents draft content, David refines.)
  • Addition and Wording of Call to Action on Website Pages
  • SEO Optimization of Website Pages
  • Video Development Consultation
  • YouTube Channel Optimization (Optimize video titles, descriptions, tags and positioning on the channel)
  • Social Media Strategy (creating funnels that start with social media posts, lead to website pages and calls to action)
  • Social Media Posting (optimize social media profile pages, create and activate a regular social media posting strategy)
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Broadcasts

Note: The full range of support identified above may not be possible in any one month given 7 hours. However, the 7-hour retainer will establish a regular marketing momentum. Cheri can accelerate progress by her own activity in her marketing or at any time can increase the number of monthly hours requested of David.

Retainer Savings

  • David's Hourly for one-off projects: $95
  • Hourly by this monthly retainer: $71.42

Projects Originally Identified by Cheri

1. Get links to work. (serevices connected to reconnective healing)
2. Start blogs…snippets on social media leading to website.
3. Promote CBD products (can’t mention cbd on FB social media – use image links)
4. SEO Optimization
5. Add content from former site to new site.
6. Add affiliate products to site.

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