1.5 hrs Troubleshooting for Glen Alex

Blog was getting error messages and would not post.

I checked:

  • Plugins: Error message suggested that plugins could be causing this. I deactivated plugins one by one and tested blog posting. No results. Plugins not the problem.
  • Checked Elementor by trying to post with the WordPress editor. No results. Elementor not the problem.
  • Created a test blog entering small amounts of text into the text editor at a time. Still had problems with any entries.
  • Checked the hosting: Was on Deluxe hosting level...yet had a LearnDash installation and classes...stretching the limits of deluxe hosting, need to upgrade to ultimate hosting.
  • Finally, found the problem: 3 images for this blog in the image library were 16mb, 16mb and 3mb. Too large. Causing the errors. I crunched the image in photoshop to 117kb and deleted the 3 large images from the library. WOOHOO! Problem fixed!

Suggested solutions to prevent this problem in the future:

  1. Upgrade from deluxe hosting to ultimate hosting
  2. Reduce images before you upload them.
  3. Replace any large images (> 1mb) in your library with reduced size image (as I did in this case).
  4. I will install the free Imagify image crunching plugin on your website and show you how to use it.

Total time for this troubleshooting: 1.5hrs @ $75/hr = $112

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