The Marketing Department LV is a Las Vegas based marketing agency created to help businesses  spend less effort on their marketing while getting better results through outsourcing their marketing department.

David Smith
President, Marketing Strategy
and Project Leadership

David Smith, president and founder has over 20 years experience in non-profit, government and corporate settings both as a digital marketing contractor and an inside marketing project lead. He works with clients to create a brand, marketing strategy and goals, then brings in and manages the talent and resources towards goal achievement. For many years David was a freelancer. Review his skills and work:

David’s background equips him to guide team projects with excellence. More about David Smith…

Tori Jones
Web Developer

Tori Jones has helped hundreds of business owners with their web design, internet marketing and systems creation since 2003. Additional portfolio and more about Tori Jones

Web design samples (click images to enlarge):

State Restaurant Equipment

Business Benefits, Inc.

Boston Cleaners

Debbie Kluska
Reputation Management

Debbie Kluska Debbie Kluska has helped dozens of businesses across the United States grow their online reputation. Having worked previously in industries where customer service was the only thing that separated you from your competitors, the importance of fulfilling customer expectations was always top of mind. Debbie’s passion is to combine old school experience with modern technology to help clients protect and market the reputation they have or to provide them ways to help achieve the reputation they want.

More about Debbie Kluska..

Stan Shields
Database Marketing

Stan Shields is a proven expert in helping organizations grow by systematically implementing tactical organizational and database marketing practices. Stan has created systems using database marketing coupled with digital marketing to deliver 20 – 30 new leads per month for some client organizations. More about Stan Shields…

Customer Experience Flow Chart
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Gordon Jones IT Expert for Marketing Department LV Las Vegas

Gordon Jones
IT & Computer Networking Expert

Gordon Jones began his career as a military IT specialist over 20 years ago and has grown his skills over the years to include expertise in systems integrations and project management, data storage controls, networking design and optimization (including security, redundancy and performance optimization) and communication systems (including email, VOIP, PBX, call centers and SMS). More about Gordon Jones…

Richard DePaso, Video Production Services, Marketing Department LV LLC

Richard DePaso
Video Production

While attaining over 25 years’ experience supervising at a major corporation, Richard DePaso continued to follow his passion as a creative, innovative and ultimately, award-winning videographer. In 1987 he formed The Creators in New York, recognized at as one of the top 3 video production companies in the region with major corporate clients including Verizon, IBM, Mobil Oil, Pepsi, Heineken, NY State, Oracle, QVC, Regional Chamber of Commerce and many more. Richard moved to Las Vegas in 2002, forming Aardvark Video–serving the convention market and corporate projects and events–while acting as president of the Las Vegas Videographers Association. More about Richard DePaso…

Devin Sheffield
Video Production

Devin Sheffield, videographer and FAA certified drone pilot, has been creating video including scripting, choreographing, filming and editing for the Las Vegas community for the last four years. He specializes in a wide range of videos from real estate promotional videos to company parties. Devin has been preforming and writing stand-up comedy for the past decade, and this experience as writer and performer uniquely positions him to create engaging video that draws the desired response from the viewer. Weather it’s an outdoor adventure or large event, Devin can film it! More about Devin Sheffield..

Katie Waechter
Social Media and Content Marketer

Katie Waechter has been writing since age twelve and has over 15 years of combined experience in creative writing, technical writing, social media marketing, and content marketing. More about Katie Waechter Additional Portfolio…

Click images to view portfolio samples:

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

Social Media Engagement

Gordon Jones IT Expert for Marketing Department LV Las Vegas

Guy Dawson
Public Relations & Media Marketing

Guy Dawson refers to himself as a “natural cheerleader” and loves to see people succeed. Launching his PR firm in 2008 was the culmination of everything he had done, Journalism, Networking and Public Speaking. His ideal client is passionate about their product and their message and congruent with their purpose. “I will never give up on a person’s story unless they give up.” More about Guy Dawson…

Shermara Walker
HR Consulting & Services

Shermara Walker is an HR expert who has dedicated her career to advancing the HR community. Her primary focus is helping businesses grow through recruiting, equipping, managing and inspiring their teams to adopt a high-performance culture. She provides small and newly established businesses with cost-effective, results-oriented human resource management services, ensuring & exponentially increasing the organization’s success.

More about Shermara Walker…

Gordon Jones IT Expert for Marketing Department LV Las Vegas

Josh Line
Environmental & Event Photography

Josh Line has, throughout his life, pushed his inquisitive nature, creating some unique opportunities, always fascinated with meeting people from around the world. A U.S. military veteran, Josh spent 13 years during his active duty traveling the world to places few people can visit…places and people he knew he would never be able to return in his life. So, he documented them photographically as he enjoyed hearing people’s life stories and experiences. In the process he became very adept at putting all these life experiences together to create an engaging photographic story. More about Josh Line…

Katia Di Egidio
Business Growth Acceleration

Katia Di Egidio is an accomplished business growth expert with 20 years of professional experience within diverse industries and has a proven track record leading Quality and Performance Improvement in complex organizations. She is a bilingual, multicultural, dynamic professional with high integrity and passion for results including the creation of profitable business growth through innovative sales and marketing programs, customer focus, product innovation and operational efficiencies that drive optimal business performance.
More about Katia Di Egidio…

Ed Faruolo
Brand Strategy

Ed Faruolo has an exceptional track record for creating and securing sustainable market opportunities for new and existing business ventures.  Ed’s consulting clients actively seek him out to quickly evaluate and design the fastest path to sustainable customer growth and engagement.

Ed’s highly rated workshops are used by Fortune 500 companies, as well as small/mid caps and start ups. He served as Chief Marketing Officer for CIGNA corporation where he drove the brand strategy to transition them to a tier 1 player in the global health benefits business. More about Ed Faruolo…